Maze Brew

by Yuki Ato Narayan

Released 2018
Confidential Records
Released 2018
Confidential Records
Yuki Ato Narayan is New Age, Electric Ambient, Neo-Classical, Indian Classical Music player and composer.
Calico Function is Yuki Ato Narayan’s stage name.
Yuki Ato Narayan is New Age, Ambient, Neo-Classical Music composer.
This album is new trial of New Age, Ambient, Electronical, Neo-Classical and Improvisational music has Beautiful Minds through the all tracks. And This album’s all tunes is based on Ragas.
The peaceful mood dropping in your mind.
Album “Maze Brew” is the newest, cool and beautiful.


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Every musician should have a mission in life.

God has sent us to serve people and convey something.

The message of music is freedom within discipline.

We provide the Music to the world.



OEOM Shanti ,LLC

Yuki Ato Narayan